Historisch Beeldarchief Migranten

The Historisch Beeldarchief Migranten (HBM) aims to create a representative collection of images on the history of migrants to the Netherlands. It contains photographs from private collections of migrants who came to the Netherlands in the 20th century. These photos can offer an insight into the history of settling and integration, adaptation and cultural continuity, identity and entrepreneurial activitity, and daily life.

In November 2014, about 4000 photographs have been digitized and described. These concern the largest groups of migrants to the Netherlands, namely those from Indonesia, Surinam, Turkey, and Morocco. In addition, there are some sources on smaller groups of migrants, such as those from China, Italy, Spain, Greece, and former Yugoslavia.

Various virtual exhibitions, organized around a variety of themes, can be found on the website. In addition, the material can be browsed according to collection or subject. Basic and advanced search are also available. Images can be downloaded in JPEG format.

HBM is an initiative of the Centre for the History of Migrants (Centrum voor de Geschiedenis van Migranten, CGM). It is part of the International Institute of Social History (Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, IISG) in Amsterdam. It is supported by the Mondriaan Stichting and the VSB Fonds.

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