Grande Guerra – Archivio di Stato di Trieste

The State Archive of Trieste (Archivio di Stato di Trieste, AST) has created an online collection of sources about the city of Trieste during the First World War. Trieste and its territory - currently part of Italy - were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during this period.

The project Grande Guerra publishes the local newspaper L’Osservatore triestino online. Contrary to Il Piccolo, the position of L’Osservatore triestino was quite close to that of the Austro-Hungarian government. Every day a digitized version of this newspaper is published online, regarding the same day 100 years earlier. In addition, links are provided to the newspapers Triester Tagblatt, Triester Zeitung, and Wiener Zeitung. Regarding each day, a brief summary is given of the events that took place that day. For some days there is also a section ‘Spunti di ricerca.’ This section contains digital versions of some related documents from the AST, such as letters, telegrams, or photographs of people. The project has started on 29 June 2014, with the publication of a series of documents from 29 June 1914.

The material is sorted chronologically, according to day. Images are shown in PDF-format and can be downloaded.

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