Global Price and Income History Group (GPIH)

Maintained at the University of California - Davis (USA) by Leticia Arroyo Abad, Middlebury College ( sends e-mail)) and Peter H. Lindert, University of California - Davis ( sends e-mail)), the GPIH - Global Price and Income History Group, lists accessible primary source data's for the history of Income and Prices including European Countries which are regrouped as follow: 1. Southeast Europe = Cyprus, European Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, and all the former Yugoslavia 2. Southern Europe = Italy, Malta, and San Marino 3. Southwest Europe = France, Portugal, and Spain 4. Central Europe = Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Hungary 5. Eastern Europe = Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and Baltics 6. Nordic Europe = Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark 7. Northwest Europe = Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, and Iceland

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