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Friedrich von Gentz (1764-1832) was an important intellectual and politician. Gentz Digital. Digitale Erschliessung der Korrespondenzen des Friedrich von Gentz (1764-1832) is not a critical edition of his letters, but provides access to ca. 2.700 transcriptions of letters of Gentz from the ‘Sammlung Herterich’ of the Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln. These transcriptions come archives, libraries, and institutions all over the world.

Basic and advanced search in the entire collection are possible. Furthermore, under ‘Register’ the transcriptions can be accessed chronologically (further filtered by recipient or author), by recipient, or by author. Under ‘Alle Objekte’ it is possible to browse the transcriptions by relevance, popularity, year, person, title, numbering, or location mark.

Metadata for each transcription are provided. Transcriptions can be viewed as text or in PDF format.

‘Gentz Digital’ is a project by the research group ‘Universitätssammlung Friedrich von Gentz’ and the Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln.

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