The Frankfurt Memorbuch

Project by the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem.

"The Frankfurt Memorbuch is a massive 1073 page manuscript documenting the deaths of important members of the Jewish community of Frankfurt am Main, one of the most important communities of Germany Jewry, over a period of almost 300 years (1628-1907).

The notations are generally in the form of the yizkor prayer "May God remember the soul of ..." followed by biographical data, much of which is a description of the piety and good qualities of the deceased.

The site includes page and chronological indexes (the entries in the manuscript itself are often not in exact chronological order) as well as an essay on the Memorbuch in both Hebrew and English by the late Cecil Roth (first published in 1965 and presented here with permission of the Cecil Roth Trust).

The digitized manuscript is presented in the DjVu format which provides high quality, magnifiable images compressed into relatively small files for easy downloading. In order to view these images it is necessary to download and install (once) the free DjVu viewer program."

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