FRAGEN: FRAmes on GENder

The FRAGEN project brings together books, articles and pamphlets that were influential in the development of feminist ideas in 29 countries during the second half of the 20th century.

All texts within the FRAGEN database have been digitised and are full text available (in PDF format) in the original language of publication. It is possible to search the contents of the database by country, author and keyword.

For almost all texts in the database a so-called CC license, non commercial, no derivatives (cc by-nc-nd) was obtained, which allows others to download the works and share them with others for research purposes only, as long as they link back to the FRAGEN database. It is not permitted to change the texts in any way or use them commercially.

Aletta, the Amsterdam based Institute for Women’s History, is coordinating this EU project. FRAGEN is part of the European research project QUING (Quality in Gender + Equality Politics), FP6 Integrated project 2006-2011. QUING is coordinated by the Vienna based Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen.

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