The Fleischmann diaries

Aloys Fleischmann (1910-1992) was born into a family of immigrant German musicians resident in Cork, Ireland, since 1879. He was a composer, musicologist, scholar of traditional Irish music, professor of music at University College Cork 1934-1980, founder of the University Art Society in 1930, founder and conductor of the Cork Symphony Orchestra 1934-1992, founder of the Music Teachers’ Association in 1935, of the Cork Orchestral Society in 1938, founder of the Cork International Choral Festival and its director for 20 years, provider of music for the Cork Ballet Company for 45 years, chairman of the Cork Sculpture Park for 24 years, and a life-long campaigner to bring classical music into the schools and lives of Irish people.

The Fleischmann diaries focuses on the diary that he kept during his last two years at school, in 1926-1927. They were begun to keep a record of a decisive period in his life: the final phase of his schooling when decisions about his future would be taken. The larger part of the diaries records the work done at and for school, but the diaries also deal with topics such as Aloys’ encounters with Gaelic heritage. They provide glimpses in the first years of the Irish Free State, three years after the end of the civil war.

The images can be accessed through the ‘View 1926 Diary’ or ‘View 1927 Diary’ menu: they are sorted by date or by subjects. By clicking on diary enty, a large digital image of the original and a transcription are shown. The website also contains a gallery of supplementary digital images, namely photographs and musical programmes, coming from Tilly Fleischmann’s photograph albums and from her programme archive. These, together with the two diaries, are part of the Fleischmann Collection, housed in the Archives of University College Cork.

Images can be downloaded in JPEG format.

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