Flandrica.be is a virtual library of Flemish heritage. It provides access to digitized material that was produced in Flanders or that deals with Flanders, as well as unique items of Flemish heritage like manuscripts. The material dates from Late Antiquity until the present day. Emphasis is on items that are visually attractive or that are interesting from a cultural and historical point of view. The number of digitized items is increasing. In December 2014, 555 items were available.

There are various ways to browse the material: by library (under ‘De collectie’), subject (‘Op thema’), place (‘Op plaats’), or time period (‘Op periode’). Basic search in the entire collection is also possible. In addition, some virtual exhibitions are available. Items are shown in high definition, and are accompanied by extensive information. Each item is also tagged, which allows users to go to related items.

Flandrica.be is an iniative of the Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheek in collaboration with six partner libraries. It is supported by the Flemish government.

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