Faccia a faccia

Faccia a faccia is a project of the Fondazione Dalmine focusing on the history of industry and work preserved in photographs from the historical archives of the Tenaris companies in the world and personal photos donated by employees, former employees, and family members. The project is still under development and photos are continuously added.

Basic search in the entire collection is possible. The material can also be browsed in various ways: by temporary selection (such as such as Christmas, Father’s Day, or winter holiday), period (1906-1940, 1940-1960, 1960-1980, 1980-2015), place where the photo was taken (all over the world, but mainly in Europe and particularly in Italy), theme (men and work, machines and men, women, leisure, and sport), company (the various Tenaris companies around the world), album (photos donated by employees, ex-employees, and their relatives), or type of photo. In each category the photos are ordered chronologically.

Where possible, people in the photos are tagged with their names.

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