European Cultural Heritage Online (ECHO)

European Cultural Heritage Online (ECHO) is a project dedicated to open-access sources regarding culture and science. Several disciplines and thematic fields are represented, with a particular emphasis on history of science. In August 2014, more than 890.000 images of historical and cultural source documents and artefacts were present, more than 240 film sequences of scientific source material, and more than 57.500 full-text page transcriptions in several languages. This material dates from thousands of years ago until the present day, and comes from all over the world.

In August 2014 material was divided in 95 thematic collections. Searching and browsing are different for each collection. In addition, it is possible to do a basic search in the entire contents of ECHO. There is also an alphabetical list of all authors present in the ECHO collection. Furthermore, it is possible to do a full-text search based on raw OCR of all scanned books and sources in the collections.

This project was founded by the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. In August 2014, more than 170 institutions from 24 countries worldwide participated in ECHO.

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