Eluxemburgensia is the second digitisation project, inaugurated in December 2009, of the Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg digital library. The first digitisation project (2002-2008) luxemburgensia was formerly indexed in EHPS and produced non searchable digital images. Instead, "eLuxemburgensia's content can be browsed or searched in full text mode through the new interface at www.eluxemburgensia.lu. Furthermore, the digitised content has been integrated into a digital archiving system. In order to be able to offer this full text search, the content has been run through optical character recognition software. This entails mistakes in the recognition of words. These mistakes can have several reasons: bad paper quality of the originals, printing imperfections or decay over time of the paper. These imperfections mean that the OCR - with the current state of the art technology - cannot correctly identify all the letters in the original." Two new daily newspapers are added to the former collection already available in the former "Luxemburgensia" project: Luxemburger Wort, 1848 - 1950, a daily newspaper founded in 1848, Publisher : saint paul S.A., 2, rue Christophe Plantin, L-2988 Luxembourg, Website : www.wort.lu Tageblatt(Escher Tageblatt), 1913 - 1950, Publisher: Editpress S.A., 44, rue du Canal, L-4050 Esch-sur-Alzette, www.tageblatt.lu.

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