Digitised Manuscripts (British Library)

Digitised Manuscripts is a selection of currently more than 1600 manuscripts from the Manuscript collection of the British Library. The website gives access to "full digital representations of all text-bearing pages of these manuscripts, as well as summary catalogue descriptions" that can be searched by author, scribe, title, keywords, period or year, provenance and bibliographical metadata.

The manuscripts can be viewed online as high-resolution, full colour images that include rulers and colour control charts. The images are grouped in such a way that they represent the physical order in which the pages of a manuscript have been bound. In addition, there are images of the binding and the front and back covers of each manuscript. The viewer includes a powerful zoom and can display manuscripts in single page, open book and folio view.

The project has been funded by the British Library, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and the Royal Thai Government.

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