Digital Repository of Ireland

Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) is a national digital repository for Ireland’s humanities, social sciences, and cultural heritage data. It allows users to browse and search across multiple collection from a large number of Irish institutions. In December 2015, 31 collections were available, with various topics. Some examples are the Second World War and Irish women collection, Magdalene oral history collection, photographs of Dublin city centre after the 1916 rebellion, Clarke stained glass studios collection, and the Chester Beatty Library. Many different types of sources are available, such as sound files, photographs, videos, historical documents, images, publications, maps, and more. By registering it is possible to gain access to more restricted collections.

Various filter options are available to browse the collections. In December 2015 these collections were divided into 2842 subcollections, containing almost 20.000 objects. Here as well various filter options are available. Basic search in the entire collection is also possible, with the possibility to further refine the search results. Extended metadata are provided for each item.

DRI has been built by a research consortium of six academic partners: Royal Irish Academy, Maynooth University, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin Institute of Technology, National University of Ireland, Galway, and National College of Art and Design. It receives funding from a variety of programmes.

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