Digital Averroes Research Environment (DARE)

The Digital Averroes Research Environment (DARE) collects and edits the works of the Andalusian philosopher Averroes or Abū l-Walīd Muḥammad Ibn Aḥmad Ibn Rušd (Cordoba 1126 – Marrakesh 1198). DARE aims to make accessible online digital editions of Averroes’s works, and images of all textual witnesses, including manuscripts, incunabula, and early prints. Averroes’s writings and the scholarly literaturee will be documented in a bibliographical database. The website will also contain research on Averroes.

In August 2015 the website was still under development. There were 202 publications in the database, of which 37 publications were available in full text. Texts are shown in modern edition.

DARE is a project at the Thomas-Institut of the University of Cologne. It is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

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