Digital Archive of Finnish Folk Tunes
Digitised collection of Finnish folk tunes collected in the 19th century and published by Finnish music scholar, Ilmari Krohn between the years 1898-1933: "The original collection was digitized in 2002-2003. The task was performed at the University of Jyväskylä (see authors) and supported by various partners. A total of 8613 tunes and their relevant details (notation, key, meter, place of collection, lyrics, collector and so on) were entered into a database, available as the Digital Archive of Finnish Folk Tunes... This web site, which is freely available, has a search engine that enables tunes to be searched by a keyword, collection, musical type, geographical location and musical content. The digital version also includes maps describing geographical distributions of the songs and other musical details." The collection can be browsed or searched using various criteria. Each folk tune in the database is described in detail and users can listen to the tune online as well as consult the score (after installing the free Sibelius Scorch plug-in for your web browser).

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