Constitute focuses on the constitutions of the world. It allows users to read, search, and compare the texts. In October 2015, the website included the constitution that was in force in September of 2013 for nearly every independent state in the world (194 constitutions in total), but this is continuously updated as the texts are amended or replaced.

The passages of each constitution are tagged with a topic, such as ‘right to privacy’ or ‘equality regardless of gender’, which allows users to quickly find relevant excerpts on a particular subject. It is possible to browse a list of topics. Users can also view results for a specific region or time period. In addition, free-text queries are possible.

Constitutions can be viewed either in their entirety or by excerpt. In addition, users can view excerpts side-by-side in ‘Compare’ mode. The constitutions can be downloaded in PDF format. All constitutions are shown in English translation. In addition, there is an Arabic version of the website, which includes constitutions for 54 independent state (a sample that represents every region in the world).

‘Constitute’ is a collaborative project between various partners.

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