Codex Gigas

The Codex Gigas or the Devil’s Bible at the National Library in Stockholm was probably written in Bohemia in the 13th century. It is famous for two features: first, it is reputed to be the biggest surviving European manuscript, and secondly, it contains a large, full page portrait of the Devil. The Codex Gigas contains a complete Bible and five long texts: the Old Testament, two historical works by Flavius Josephus (1st century), the Encyclopaedia of Isidore (6th century), a collection of medical works, the New Testament, and a Chronicle of Bohemia by Cosmas from Prague (ca 1045-1125). There are also some short texts in the manuscript: a work on penitence, on exorcising evil spirits, a calendar.

This website contains a digitised version of every page of the manuscript as well as commentaries on its history, texts, script, initials and decoration. The manuscript can be browsed by the separate works that it contains. Each separate page can be downloaded in JPEG format.

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