Carl Maria von Weber – Gesamtausgabe

Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber (1786-1826) was a composer and pianist who was mainly active in Breslau, Prague, and Dresden. Carl Maria von Weber – Gesamtausgabe (WeGA) has as main objective a complete scholarly edition of Weber’s compositions, letters, diaries, and writings up to his 200th anniversary in 2026. The edition will approximately comprise 50 volumes of score including critical reports, 10 volumes of letters, approximately 8 volumes of diaries, 2 volumes of writings, a catalogue, and multiple volumes of documents. Many secondary information is also available on the website, as well as images of people.

The material can be browsed according to type and within each type according to various themes (for example chronology, persons, places, etc). It is also possible to do a basic search in one or more categories of sources.

All textual parts are being published as digital edition on the website in the first instance. In some cases digital facsimiles are available, in high definition. Various paintings and drawings are available of people mentioned.

WeGA was funded by the Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur (Mainz).

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