Bundesamt für Statistik – Timeline und ChronoStat

The Bundesamt für Statistik (BFS) is the Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland. It was founded in 1860. In 2010 this website was made, about the 150-year existence of the office. It provides information on the history of statistics in Switzerland and on the history of the BFS, publications on every Swiss population census since 1860, information about the BFS in 2010, a timetable of anniversary events, and the interactive timeline ‘ChronoStat.’

The category ‘Die Volkszählungen im Laufe der Zeit’ focuses on the history of Swiss population censuses. Statistical records can be downloaded, in the form of books (in PDF format) that were compiled each decade, starting in 1850 and going up to the year 2000. For the census of the year 2000 extra search options are available.

Under the category ‘Fundstücke’ miscellaneous items from the history of the BFS are available, such as maps, graphs, quotes, and publications. Most of these can be downloaded in PDF format.

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