British Diplomatic Oral History Programme
The website of the British Diplomatic Oral History Programme (BDOHP) makes available online the transcripts of the BDOHP interviews. The original material is conserved at the Churchill Archives Centre in Cambridge. "The BDOHP interviews former diplomats or other officials who have played a significant role in events bearing on international relations. The tendency towards greater openness in government has strengthened in recent years. Interviewees are encouraged by their interviewers to be candid and not to allow their instinctive respect for confidentiality to inhibit a frank description of what it is they have contributed to British diplomacy. They are however assured that what they say will not be published or put into the public domain without their permission or prior FCO clearance. To strengthen the confidence of interviewees in the BDOHP, the interviewers are also retired diplomats or their wives. These interviewers understand the desirability of obtaining a first hand account covering the ground fairly and illuminating the atmosphere of a broad spectrum of posts around the world during the conduct of international relations. Transcripts of the interviews provide valuable details and insights into the daily workings of diplomacy and of Whitehall which may not otherwise be available to outside observers and commentators. Many such details, taken for granted in contemporary documents, are often omitted from the official records when these are eventually released into the public domain." The interviews can be downloaded from the website, and are listed in alphabetical order.

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