Biblioteca Municipal de Donostia–San Sebastián - Digital Library
The digital library of the Municipal Library of Donostia – San Sebastián offers online access to a collection of local newspapers from the municipality of San Sebastian in the Basque Country (Spain). The library's newspaper digitisation project began in 2003 and includes 43 historical newspapers from the period 1830-1969. Among the most important titles are: El Látigo, Semana, La Galerna, El Thun Thun, Heraldo de Guipúzcoa, La Región Vasca, Diario Vasco 1916-19, La Tierra, El Eco de Pamplona, Aurrera y La Justicia. The newspapers can be browsed by date and viewed in PDF-format. In addition the digital library provides access to a small sheet music collection which contains digitised scores of several important local musicians and composers.

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