Associazione tra i familiari delle vittime della strage alla stazione di Bologna del 2 agosto 1980

On 2 August 1980 a bomb exploded in the waiting room of the train station of Bologna. 85 people died and 200 people were injured. This website, by the Associazione Familiari delle vittime della strage alla stazione (association for the relatives of the victims), is entirely about this so-called Bologna massacre. In addition to much information, it also contains various types of primary sources, which can be found in different sections:

  • Documenti. Documents are ordered according to group, for example: documents from the trials, speeches, and statutes of the Associazione Familiari vittime della strage alla stazione.
  • Archivio video. Videos of annual commemorations of the Bologna massacre.
  • Archivio audio. Recordings of the news reports on the national radio on 2 August 1980 (MP3 format).
  • Archivio fotografico. Photographs of the massacre, the assistance, and the funerals and manifestations.

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