App in die Geschichte

App in die Geschichte is an application that offers tools for history education. It gives access to various digitized sources from diverse archives in Germany: the Bundesarchiv, Landeshauptarchiv Koblenz, Stadtarchiv Koblenz, and Stadtarchiv Linz/Rhein. The app is free of charge and has no commercial interests.

In December 2015 almost 80.000 documents were available (under ‘Archiv’). There are various types of sources, such as maps, drawings, and photographs. The oldest sources date from the 17th century and the youngest from the 21st, but most sources come from the 20th century.

The digitized sources can be searched by keywords, period, tags, place, person, and original archive. Extensive metadata are provided for each source. Zoom options are available. The app also offers various tools with which users can analyze the sources and construct their own history.

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