Weimar Studies Network

The Weimar Studies Network (WSN) is an international platform for researchers and academics working on the history of the Weimar Republic. It offers information on recent publications, upcoming events, and ongoing research projects on the politics, culture, and society of the interwar years in Germany.

Under ‘Resources’ an ongoing collection of online resources regarding the Weimar Republic is provided. There is a category for online periodicals (an alphabetical list of digitized journals and newspapers available in the public domain) and one for original sources (a list of digitized original sources, such as government files, proceedings, estates, diaries, etcetera). There are also some lists of links (general information, specialized websites, important periodicals, and digital history websites), some of which contain primary sources.

Weimar Studies Network was initially developed at the conference ‘Beyond Glitter and Doom: New Perspectives of the Weimar Republic’, on 30 September – 01 November 2010 at the Institute of Modern Languages Research (formerly Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies) in London.