Call for HELP - Das digitale historische Archiv Köln
The recent collapse of the city archive of Cologne in Germany has prompted several initiatives to aid in the rescue and reconstruction effort of its former holdings. See also this interview in the Guardian Weekly with director Bettina Schmidt-Czaia. One of the initiatives is the creation of Das digitale historische Archiv Köln (The Digital Archive of Cologne). Users of the archive have been asked to submit any copies of documents from the holdings they might have in order to help to reconstruct its contents in an online archive. From the call for aid: "The collapse of the Cologne Historical Archive s Building on March 3rd, 2009 is a human and cultural catastrophe. We are asking all academics to search for photographs, copies and films of archival materials of the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne and to upload them to this website or notify us. ( Please help to save a small part of the collective memory of the city of Cologne." Read more about this important initiative here. For the digital archive itself see the entry in this portal.